internet at last!

a picture of a woman smiling

i’m back! a week without internet turned out differently, i went to sleep earlier than usual. but i missed a lot of news from people i follow on the net. i have been doing overtimes at work as well. this new project’s deadline is coming soon plus the commute can be tiresome. i’m feeling the stress creeping up on me.

with events like this, it’s glad that i still managed to do some sketches. i also finished one illustration that i started a few months ago (it’s thanks to the fact that we had no internet)

what are nice ways to be from stress and perform efficiently at work? i really don’t like overtimes.


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  1. Budgeting your work over the time alotted and to do lists.
    I learned that from working with an office mate who normally doesn’t do overtime, never skips lunch or meryenda but still churns lots of output stress-free. :)

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