how i drew kon

scanned image of kon

hi everyone, i drew kon last sunday. i enjoyed drawing him since i was able to use watercolor properly (well, almost). i love how i colored his mane! this drawing is actually the wallpaper of my phone right now!

first, i drew a rough sketch of him using a 4B pencil. for me, 4B pencils are easy to manage because of their soft texture and they are easily erasable. then i used watercolor to fill in the body. i used three colors: medium yellow, yellow ochre, and burnt umber. i mixed the colors in varying amounts to achieve the tones. after the painting has dried, i put in the ink.

here are some snapshots of my progress as i draw kon.

rough sketch of kon
i made a sketch of ken using a 4B pencil.
the sketch with watercolor put on
i mixed yellow ochre and medium yellow for his ‘skin’. the shadows were more of a yellow ochre, while the mane and tail is burnt umber.
kon with the ink
as soon as the paint dried, i put in the ink. the painting dried within 30 minutes. this is the final look for kon!

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