New website

New website

Hello everyone! I have this new website I will be posting most of my drawings there more. Actually, it’s just a tumblr website with a custom domain, but I might migrate it to a different hosting service someday. For now, tumblr does the trick.

The illustration above is a catburglar. Catburglar is inspired from a theme given by Sketch Dailies on twitter. I used copics and some Uni pens to create this work.


I just participated in a fan art contest! There is this local comic series that I’ve been hooked on. The title’s Mythspace. Mythspace is a compilation of stories about characters based from Philippine folklores such as nunos, manananggals, and tikbalangs. Only, this is set in the distant future!

I managed to get only 3 issues from their series. The others were already sold out. I bought the Unfurling of Wings, Humanity, and Uncommon Ground. My favorite among the three is Humanity. Thus, my fan art entry is Marta – the heroine of the story. A scene from the Unfurling of Wings reminded me of Ocean’s Eleven.

I’ll be going to Komikon this Saturday in hopes that I can complete the current series. I am looking forward for more issues and more to stories to enjoy from the Mythspace universe. You can find out more about Mythspace in their Facebook page.

Here are my sketches of Marta. :) You may notice the difference in her hairstyle. I got the hair wrong at my first try.



Thranduil preparing for Christmas

thranduil_christmas_checklist Read more…

New stuff!


last week, i bought some pens and notebooks from muji.  Read more…

travel around

i just finished my latest projects at work. this gives me time for rest and more time to draw again. i wish i can go to a different place and get a vacation.

stuck in the rain

the rain has been pouring non-stop here last week. floods quickly came up and i got stranded on my way home. that was a chance for me to stay at a coffee shop. as i was waiting for the rain to stop, i did some sketches while enjoying a good hot drink.

a bird sketch from july

bird pencil sketch


hi everyone!

i did this bird sketch last month. i can say that this is the most detailed piece i ever done this year. the bird is based on a photograph by Sandra Wallace.  the bird is called a grey currawong. this kind of bird is native to the southern parts of australia. they have dark plumage and white markings under their wings and tails. i haven’t seen one yet. but someday maybe i’ll get to see a flock.


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